AmeriSave Sarah Commercial

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation, one of the nation’s leading and fastest-growing retail mortgage companies, serving customers in 49 states and DC, promotes its website in a new commercial.

The spot features Sarah, a woman who has decided to refinance her home with AmeriSave. According to the voiceover, this is a decision she’ll never regret, unlike buying a DYI-orthodontist kit and marrying her husband, Eddie, who fails at doing their home electrical work and she ends up in all kinds of unpleasant situations, such as having her hairdryer damaged while using it.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to visit and adding the tagline “Just a Few Clicks Could Mean a Lifetime of Savings”.

AmeriSave offers purchase and refinance loans, as well as mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Department of Agriculture. The company does not offer any second mortgage products, such as home equity loans or home equity lines of credit. However, AmeriSave offers cash-out refis.

In order to access AmeriSave’s website, which offers a full, mobile-friendly mortgage application, people have to answer a series of personal and financial questions, enter a verification code that’s sent to their mobile phone, and consent to a soft credit inquiry.

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