Amazon Christmas Commercial / Advert Girl Actress Karene Peter

Amazon reminds us, in its Christmas commercial, that “It’s the small acts of kindness that have the biggest impact.

The spot, titled “Kindness, the greatest gift” and created by Lucky Generals, tells the story of a beautiful friendship between a college student and one of her neighbors, an older woman who doesn’t miss the opportunity to make a small act of kindness for her.

One day, the young woman (played by Karene Peter), who returns to university and hangs out with her peers from time to time, after the lockdown period due to Covid pandemic, notices her neighbor (played by Mouna Diaye) feeding some pigeons. However, she doesn’t start a conversation, but watches from the distance. The lady, aware of the effects of anxiety on youngsters’ well-being, caused by the pandemic, surprises her with an unexpected gift for her and for pigeons, as well.

The protagonist says ‘thank you’ by whispering these words and touching her heart with her right hand. At the end of the commercial, the two women are seen sitting on a bench together. “Kindness. The greatest gift of all.” an onscreen line reads.

The soundtrack music is a new single from Adele, titled “Hold On” and included on her upcoming album, “30, set to be released on November 19.

“This holiday season will be shaped by what we’ve experienced during the pandemic. The past 18 months have been challenging for people across the globe, including many young adults. Our time together cannot be taken for granted. So this year, whilst the world will not be totally back to normal, opportunities for kindness and connection will take on a newfound importance,” Ed Smith, EU GM of Integrated Marketing at Amazon, said in a press statement.

Customers can now browse The Amazon Christmas Shop and find thousands of ideas through the Amazon Gift Finder, where they can apply all kinds of filters, such as the interests of the person they are buying for and preferred budget.


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