Amazon Alexa Morning Routine Commercial Girl

Amazon has released a new ad to promote Alexa Routine, which helps users simplify morning routines and save time.

The spot, which aims to show that a simple voice command can trigger up to 99 actions in a Routine, from turning on your bedroom lights to boiling the kettle, features a Rube Goldberg-inspired machine made up of over 500 household items, which helps a woman simplify her morning routine. The machine moves through the house as Alexa navigates four specific moments during a typical morning routine including turning on the bedroom lights, playing the radio, turning on the coffee machine and tuning into a workout on Fire TV.

“The Alexa Morning Routine Machine shows how a complicated set of actions can be simplified with Alexa. We hope it brings some joy, as well as more time, to customers,” said in a press statement.

The commercial, whose title (Easy Like An Alexa Morning) is a reference to the famous song “Easy Like A Sunday Morning”), features the 2020 song “Go Get It” by Barry Brewer, from his “Conquer Goliath” album. The track is available for purchase on Amazon for $0.99.