Ally Commercial - Amy Blondell

Ally celebrates the spirit of allyship through the lens of sport in its latest commercial.

The spot features athletes practicing pole vault, boxing, diving, gymnastics, wrestling, track/hurdles, soccer, and swimming, and captures heartwarming moments in which they are supported by their allies – people in the stands, at home watching on TV, nervously biting their nails on the sidelines, and even the person responsible for ensuring sports gear is washed and folded.

“Around each one of us is a support network of people who are able to help us become everything we’d ever dreamed of. Even if it’s not always obvious – they’re there. That idea is the very place we got our name in 2009, and we’ve never stopped believing in it since. Whether your financial goal is to save, spend or grow – when it comes to all things money, we’re happy to be your Ally,” the company wrote in the description for the video.

The song used in the ad is the 2020 single “No Ordinary” by Labrinth, from his album of the same name. The track is available for purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

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