Alexander McQueen Holiday Gifting Collection Commercial - Snake on Skull in Dark Forest

Alexander McQueen promotes its Holiday Gifting 2021 Collection of jewelry and handbags in an animated commercial, with a Halloween aesthetic, directed by Isabel Garrett, resident artist at The Sarabande Foundation.

The spot is set in a darkly lit forest and features animated moths, beetles, spiders and snakes. Jewellery appears alongside, featuring talismans and charms, symbols of luck and love, also inspired by flora and fauna. Hearts, pavé skulls, horse shoes, butterflies and the McQueen seal all appear in a variety of materials, elaborately hand-carved, engraved and set with crystals and pearls. The Curve Mini, the Small Skull bag and the Jewelled Flat Pouch also take centre stage in the ad.

“The natural world and hidden treasures find their way into the tangled undergrowth of the forest floor,” the official description for the video reads.

The collection, now available for purchase, also includes a biker jacket with an open neckline and multi-zip peplum in black calf leather (priced at 4990 €), a T-shirt in white jersey with trailing silver lily pad embroideries around the neckline (1490 €), antique gold and antique silver-finished hoop earrings with chain and studs detailing and signed with an engraved Alexander McQueen signature (420 €), a black polyfaille couture bomber jacket with gathered exploded sleeves and finished with a zip fastening on the centre front (1990 €), a black polyfaille gathered midi skirt with drawstring detailing, and more.

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