Aldi Western Cowgirls in front of Aldi Supermarket Commercial - Tatanisha & Latasha

Aldi promotes its selection of fresh and organic produce in a new ad.

The spot, part of the retailer’s “Friend Savers” campaign, features Tatanisha, introduced as “a real Aldi skeptic,” and Latasha, introduced as “a real Aldi fan”. The latter explains how she got Tatanisha to switch to Aldi, while a dramatic reenactment shows Tatanisha, who is super healthy, entering a Western saloon like a “juice sheriff” and asking where do the juice ingredients come from. Informed that they come from Aldi, Tatanisha, who didn’t even know Aldi had organic produce, immediately takes a glass out of her pocket and places it on the counter to try the juice.

The end of the spot sees Tatanisha and Latasha on horses in front of an Aldi supermarket, with Latasha reminding her friend what she had once told her, that organic doesn’t have to be expensive.

Eventually, the voiceover says “Friends don’t let friends pay too much for groceries”.

Aldi says its fresh produce is stocked daily and locally grown to give its customers the best selection of fruits and vegetables each and every day.

The offering includes fresh fruit, vegetables, and salad, a lineup of organic, Non-GMO verified products that are healthy and delicious, and 100% plant-based vegan and vegetarian products.

The retailer also offers, on its website, a variety of recipes featuring fresh ingredients, for breakfast and brunch, lunch and dinner, side dishes, desserts, and more. Among these recipes are cauliflowers spinach mac & cheese, mix and match watermelon salads, grilled chicken rainbow cobb salad, and more.

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