Airbnb Golden Retriever Dog Commercial

Airbnb has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Made possible by Hosts” and aimed to capture the unique experience of traveling on Airbnb, which its Hosts enable.

One of the spots features snapshots of happy stays at the dog-friendly “Stone House” in Milano, Italy, hosted by Airbnb host Jacopo, found by guest and photographer Carol Sachs, who wanted to go there for a trip to celebrate a 40th birthday with her husband, friends, and also her dog, Miso, a Golden Retriever. The photos displayed on the screen sees Miso happy in the company of his family and grateful to explore new territory. In the background Dolly Parton’s iconic single “I Will Always Love You” plays.

The company says that this is just one of the millions of trips that take place on Airbnb, made possible by Hosts.

For the “Made possible by Hosts” campaign, Airbnb has invited photographers to take trips on Airbnb with their
family and friends, shoot photos of their stays, and send them back to Airbnb, which edited the photos together with familiar songs.

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