AA Ireland Black Cats Advert

AA Ireland has launched a new brand campaign, aimed to revitalise the roadside assistance and insurance provider’s brand.

The spot, created by McCann Manchester, features two black kittens playing while Ardal O’Hanlan, who serves as narrator, says “Ah, yellow, lovely, calming, serotonin releasing yellow. Nice, isn’t it? Oh, look, kittens. Take a second. Soak it all in. Just another way we’re helping you relax. We don’t do stress at the AA. We do peace of mind. From roadside rescue to car, home or travel insurance”.

At the end of the advert, the voiceover urges viewers to relax because “Yellow and Black have got your back” and the sequence of the two cute animals morphs into the AA logo.

The campaign also runs across VOD, radio and social and digital channels.

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