webuyanycar.com Advert - Phillip Schofield

webuyanycar.com, which takes customer and colleague safety very seriously, has released a series of new ads starring Phillip Schofield.

In one of them, the silver haired This Morning host talks about the use of hand sanitizer. “To all you would-be car
sellers coming back to your local webuyanycar.com branch to sell your car, a little note about clean hands. To protect you, guys, our branches will all have an ample stock of hand sanitizer ready for your visits. And we hope you use it in good sensible quantity. However, to avoid nasty accidents, please don’t bathe in it, drink it, no matter how strong the urge might be, don’t do anything with it other than clean your hands. It might not feel so good on certain parts of your body and it sure as hell won’t taste very good,” Schofield says, urging viewers to visit webuyanycar.com for other details on how they are keeping their customers safe.

Phillip Schofield has also starred in several ads for the website. In one of them, he went up a ladder and rescued a tiny ginger kitten from a tree and in another one he tells a woman in a car dealership to check out webuyanycar.com before buying a car.

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