Walmart+ A Different Kind of Membership Anthem Commercial

Walmart has released a new commercial to promote its Walmart+ membership program, which brings together in-store and online benefits to save customers money and time.

“There are memberships for all kinds of memberships today. But what about memberships for bigger things, human things? What about being a member of the family, with of of its truths and trials, bad days and good? What about being a member of the community, with all of its unexpected smiles and knocks, the loads and weights. What about being a member of humanity, with all of its questions, challenges, possibilities and hope? What if there was a membership that gave us the time to do the things that really matter? One that celebrates the things that connect all of us. Welcome to a different kind of membership,” the voiceover says on the 60-second spot, which include footage of real families of all walks of life and backgrounds as they are spending quality time together, a reference to the benefits offered by Wamart+ membership – free delivery, which gives families the chance to spend more time together doing the things they love instead of going to buy groceries and more.

With Walmart+ membership, which will be available to all customers starting September 15, members will receive unlimited free delivery from stores, fuel discounts and access to tools that make shopping faster. The retailer said that, in the future, it will leverage its wide-ranging strengths to add additional benefits for members in a variety of services and offerings.

Walmart+ membership will cost $98 a year or $12.95 a month and includes a 15-day free trial period.

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