Volkswagen Touareg Black Edition Commercial

Volkswagen showcases the Touareg Black Edition in a new advert, that focuses on the Night Vision feature.

The spot, dubbed “See the Unseen,” follows a man who leaves the office at night, on one hand, and an unseen human being who leaves their house simultaneously to go outside for a run. The man gets at the wheel of his Touareg Black Edition and hits the road, talking, while driving, with his wife. At some point, the unseen shows up in front of his car, catching him by surprise. It is the dog of the unseen woman who’s jogging down the streets. Luckily, an accident is avoided thanks to the emergency braking system, which was automatically activated the moment the animal was detected in the middle of the street.

“See the unseen” an onscreen line reads at the end of the 2-minute film, which sees the man driving away after greeting the woman, relieved.

The Toureg Black Edition features alloy wheels 21″ ‘Suzuka’ black, Black Exterior styling pack, air suspension with automatic self-leveling suspension, height adjustment and electronic shock absorber, panoramic sunroof, Innovision cockpit with Active Info display, IQ. Light -LED Matrix headlights, and Park Assist Pro with Area view.

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