Volkswagen Community-Driven Promise Commercial

Volkswagen has released a new ad to announce its Community-Driven Promise.

The spot features the voices of several VW dealers, including John L. from Texas, Heidi P. from Washington, Lori S. from Illinois, Carla C. from Massachusetts, Brent G. from California, delivering the following message: “This is our home. We’ve never seen it look quite like this but there’s no mistaking it. It’s filled with the schools that taught us to read, the factories that taught us to work and the people that taught us everything in between. And it’s our job to care for it. Because the best people to fight for our communities are those in them. So if you recently bought a Volkswagen and worried about your next payment or, if you are planning on buying and are concerned it’s not the right time, we’re here to help. With the Community-Driven Promise”.

At the end of the video, which is scored by a wonderful piece of instrumental music, onscreen lines inform that, if you lose your job, flexible payment options may be available for current and new VW owners. This would imply 180 days deferment on your first month’s payment and 0% APR for 72 months on most new VW models.

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