Virgin Mobile Bigfoot Advert

Virgin Mobile highlights, in one of its latest adverts, that you can now try unlimited 4G data, calls, and texts for only €15 a month for 12 months.

The spot features several people queuing in front of a Virgin Mobile store when an unexpected “guest” shows up. It’s Bigfoot, who says that some things are worth coming out of hiding for.

“Now you can try unlimited 4G data, calls and texts for only €15 a month for 12 months. All on a 30-day contract,” the voiceover says at the end of the video.

The advert also informs that the offer, ending 03/06/2020, is valid for SIM only with a 30-day contract and that the cost is €25 a month thereafter. Consumers are also informed that fair usage policy and terms and conditions apply and that usage over 80GB will result in limited speeds. They are also advised to see the company’s website for details.


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