Versace Kendal Jenner Commercial

Versace has enlisted Kendall Jenner to front its Spring-Summer 2020 campaign, which explores the power of the internet and its role in uncensored self-expression.

The social media celebrity stars in a 15-second spot in which she is first seen in a jungle print denim look as she types her own name on a digital search platform – “an emblem of an age in which we define our self-image by what we choose to portray online,” the fashion house says. Jenner is also featured wearing tailored black dresses paired with gold-tone Greca jewellery and accessorized with the latest style from the Virtus line, the supple leather bucket bag.

Kendall Jenner walked the runway at the Versace SS2020 show at Milan Fashion Week in October 2019 and closed Versace’s Fall 2020 show, earlier this year, in a vibrant green cardigan and skirt-skimming white button-down look.

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