U.S. Cellular Snail Commercial

U.S. Cellular has released a new commercial, urging people to get a free Smartphone and a strong signal with U.S. Cellular Prepaid.

The spot asks viewers if they want a phone that works fast (an analogy with athletes, race cars, and cheetahs) on a slow network (an analogy with a snail) and tells them that it’s time to get the wireless network they deserve.

People are advised to choose U.S. Cellular Prepaid to get a better network, faster speeds, and – right now – a free smartphone.

For details, viewers are advised to visit the U.S. Cellular website.

In a previous commercial, that tackles people’s fear of losing their signal and promotes its 5G network, U.S. Cellular also informed people that they could get a free Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, featuring a revolutionary camera, with Space Zoom and stunning Infinity-O Display, when they switch.


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