U.S. Cellular Commercial Girl Employee - $500 Off Latest Smartphones

U.S. Cellular has released a new ad to inform that you can get $500 off the latest smartphones with no hidden requirements when you switch.

The spot features a customer in a U.S. Cellular store who “hid” a camera in his scarf in his attempt to record the sales representative’s statement about the company’s newest offer. “I wish to inquire about your $500 off deal,” he tells the girl in the store, asking if there is anything hidden he should be aware of. She answers there isn’t, which makes the man suspicious. “No hidden plan requirement?” he asks again to make sure he won’t get himself into something that could have been avoided. He thus finds out that it’s him to choose the plan and there are no hidden phone trade-ins.

“Get $500 off the latest smartphones with no hidden requirements,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, adding the tagline “U.S. Cellular – Upgrade to Fair”.


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