TruGreen Aliens Commercial

The spot features a couple walking down a sidewalk but stopping, at some point, in their tracks, looking toward a home their eyes widen and their jaws drop. “Greg, are you seeing this?” the woman asks her partner, who’s looking in the same direction. In front of them, three aliens are standing on the lawn while their mothership is hovering above. “I’ve never seen such a gorgeous lawn,” the woman exclaims, to which her husband replies, “So green and lush”.

“When you see a great lawn, it’s all you see,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which illustrates thus the idea that the couple failed to notice the aliens, impressed by the lawn (whose awesomeness was courtesy of TruGreen).

“Their lawns are a whole new level,” Greg adds as he and his wife are ready to continue their stroll.

Eventually, the voiceover urges viewers to call the experts at TruGreen for a custom, science-based plan to make your lawn thick, green, healthy, and weed-free.

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