True Name by Mastercard Commercial

Mastercard shows its commitment to being a driver of equality and inclusion by creating True Name, a card that lets Trans and Non-Binary individuals display their chosen name on their cards.

The 60-second spot released by the financial company features a customer in a grocery store paying for their purchases with his card and being treated nice by the shop assistant.

“For transgender people a secure payment doesn’t mean protecting yourself from someone buying sneakers with your card. No. If you’re transgender, a secure payment means paying for something without being judged, questioned, disrespected, humiliated, harassed, even assaulted. Simply because the name on your card doesn’t match how you identify. This is about more than just keeping a card safe. It’s about keeping us safe,” the voiceover says on the video, introducing True Name by Mastercard, “the first card that allows you to display your chosen name because that’s who you truly are”.


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