TK Maxx TV Advert - Girl Riding Horse

TK Maxx has released its Summer 2020 advert, part of the “Ridiculous Possibilities” campaign.

“Things have been a bit up in the air recently. But times like these call for a little TLC. At TK Maxx it’s good to know you can satisfy your kitchen-ware, fashion wears, home-care and self-care needs all under one roof. So treat yourself to some Big Label bargains at TK Maxx,” the voiceover says in the 30-second spot, which opens with a woman stuck into the ceiling, with only her legs in the room (and her upper body in the apartment from above). Other shots include a young who’s changing outfits while playing the piano on a desert island, a man and a woman falling into the sand on a golf court, a young woman named Doris riding a white horse in her living room, where the voiceover notices some “lovely cushions,” and a woman blow-drying her hair on the bow of a speedboat.

At the end of the advert, an old man on a boat highlights that you can shop online too.

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