Tide Business Commercial Actress Girl Lili's Chocolates

Tide Business has released a new TV ad to shine the spotlight on Tide members and showcase how diverse and brilliant small businesses are.

“Rise entrepreneur! Take that first step towards freedom. So long to the old routine, welcome to your new venture. There’s an industry that leads disrupting, ideas you should be challenging. It takes courage to do what you love. We’ll help you begin your journey as a business like you, dedicated to you,” the voiceover says on the 30-second advert, which features five business owners who are an inspiration for Tide, according to the company. The businesses are London Refinery, Lili’s Chocolates, The Strap Tailor, Gaslight Distillery and Camie & Lily’s.

At the end of the spot, the voiceover adds that, “we can take on tomorrow together with a business account you could open today.” “Entrepreneurs across the UK, start your business with Tide,” she also says.

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