Telstra Commercial: Teenage Girls Filming TikTok Dance Video

Telstra has released a series of new ads to announce some of the updates it has made for its customers.

One of the spots focuses on the Upgrade & Protect, which allows customers to upgrade their phone twice a year.

The 15-second spot features two teenage girls filming a TikTok dance video and having their phone seriously damaged after it falls to the ground. Their enthusiasm soon vanishes as they rush to check out the device, whose screen is broken.

“We’ve made changes for the upgraders and phone fumblers,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, urging viewers to find out more about the Upgrade & Protect at the company’s website.

Other spots announce that Telstra has made changes for those who are “data hungry,” for those who want a great deal on Binge, for those who Wi-Fi in every room, for those changing the way they work, as well as to help more school kids get online.


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