Telstra Google Pixel 4a Commercial

Telstra has released a new ad to promote the Google Pixel 4a.

The animated spot showcases various features of the device and gives them humorous titles. Fast charging is called, for instance, “the Google Power Point Avoider,” the Duo video calling app is called the “Google Friend Connector,” the Pixel Imprint fingerprint scanner is called the “Google Scammer Jammer,” the Night Sight night photography function is called the “Google Star Catcher,” and the phone itself is introduced as the “Google Money Saver” thanks to its price of $599.

Announced on 3 August, the Google Pixel 4a is available to buy in the US for $349 since 20 August, with pre-orders open on 3 August. The tech giant said that the 5G model will start at $499 in the US.


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