TD Bank Unexpectedly Human Dancer Commercial

“We take pride in serving our customers. We also take pride in our dance moves,” this is the idea behind one of the latest commercials from TD Bank, which features an employee dancing after the working hours, while waiting for a customer.

The spot features the bank officer alone in the bank, at 7.08pm, as he starts busting some dance moves to the tune of Snap!’s “Rhythm Is A Dancer”. Feeling the rhythm and enjoying the moment, he doesn’t notice when the customer arrives at the bank’s door, accompanied by his little son. However, he rushes to open and greet the man, who apologizes for running late.

“Nothing you’d expect from a bank. And everything you should.” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial, which also sees the tagline “Unexpectedly Human” flashing across the screen.

The Canadian multinational banking and financial services corporation has touted its 24/7 service in another previous commercial, for Business Banking, which highlighted that with this service, “you can keep your business moving”. The bank has also encouraged people, in another commercial, to talk to their kids about money, highlighting that it will pay off later.

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