TD Ameritrade Dolph Lundgren Commercial

TD Ameritrade continues its “Smart Investors Get Smarter” campaign with a new installment, featuring Dolph Lundgren.

The actor, who made an appearance in the online broker’s previous commercial, which showed a beginner trader as a version of Rocky, training to become stronger and better, is now in the Green Room with Jim, who tells him: “Dolph Lundgren, you’gve got a 160 IQ, a master in Chemical Engineering… You’re technically a genius. And appears you’re quite the investor.” When Lundgren answers that he likes to trade, Jim informs him that Ameritrade has pros ready if he needs help for when he needs help say talking through a new strategy, “just in case things get a little rocky”. Hearing this last word, Lundgren squeezes the plastic bottle he was holding. Jim, who realizes the thing he had done (a reference to the Rocky IV film, in which Lundgren played Rocky’s rival Ivan Drago), says he’s sorry and tries to fix the situation by changing the subject and pointing out that the laptop on the table is waterproof.

“Get expert help with your toughest questions” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which also sees the tagline “Where Smart Investors Get Smarter” flashing across the screen, along with the information that now the broker offers $0 commissions on online trades.

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