Sonnet Insurance Commercial Actors

Sonnet Insurance has dropped a new ad to highlight that times have changed and now you can buy home and auto insurance straight forward and fast with Sonnet, completely online, in just a few minutes.

The 15-second spot, set in the ’80s, features a man counting his steps when two women on roller-skates ask him what he is doing. He answers that the insurance company wants to know how many feet are to the nearest fire hydrant for a quote.

“The world has changed. With Sonnet Insurance, get insured with just a few easy questions. No confusion, no guesswork,” the voiceover says at the end of the video, which also gives viewers a glimpse at the purchase process on Sonnet’s website and the available coverages, namely “The Essentials”, “The Preferred”, and “The Ultimate”.

This is not the first commercial of this type released by the insurance company. A previous spot featured a young couple in a vintage car talking to a friend and letting him know they are going to Plaza to renew their home and auto insurance and they’d be back in two hours. The couple are then shown in the present day, buying insurance for their home and auto, from the comfort of their living room, on Sonnet’s website, in only a few minutes, by answering some questions and choosing the coverage they want.

Introduced in 2016 by Economical Insurance in Canada, the digital home and auto insurance brand appealed to its target audience using optimism in its advertising campaigns. The launch campaign, aimed at inspiring Canadians to have a glass full approach, was also centered on the idea of optimism. Ads available in both English and French have been released by the company, showcasing its products and services and highlighting how easy and hassle-free people can now buy home and auto insurance.