SodaStream Snoop Dogg Commercial

SodaStream has partnered with Snoop Dogg for its latest campaign, which aims to remind us that “the small things are the most meaningful”.

The rapper stars in a new spot for the brand, created by Alon Seifert and directed by Jake Szymanski, enjoying sparkling water and encouraging consumers to do the same by using SodaStream to make it.

Dogg is shown having an intimate meal with his family (who all have his face, including the dog), taking some freshly made gingerbread cookies out of the oven, and interacting with an endangered turtle.

“The small things are the most meaningful. So this holiday season I simply enjoy fresh sparkling water with a nearly extinct friend,” he says on the 15-second version of the ad, cheering with his friend, the turtle (which appeared in other SodaStream ads in the past). He also informs that one SodaStream bottle can save thousands of single-use plastic bottles and concludes that he has just saved the planet.

“SodaStream is the ultimate small change to reduce single-use plastic waste, and Snoop Dogg is a great partner to help widely spread this message in a fun way,” Karin Schifter Maor, global chief marketing officer of SodaStream, said. The Gin and Juice rapper gave a statement, as well, declaring that he loves his SodaStream so it was natural for him to partner with the brand for this campaign. “They make a great product and a big difference in the word. I am happy to help spread the love,” he added.

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