SodaStream Commercial Girl - Ella's Sparkle Your Day

SodaStream shows easy you can refresh your day in a commercial titled “Ella’s Sparkle Your Day”.

The spot features Ella making the “Sparkle-Your-Day” drink and enjoying it with her best friends. Using one reusable bottle, she starts with three pumps in the SodaStream for light carbonation and then adds two drops of Raspberry. After taking several Instagram-worthy photos of her creation, she calls her friends so that they could all enjoy the refreshing taste of her beverage and take the opportunity to take some selfies, as well.

“Sparkling Water at the touch of a button. By you, for you, and the ones you love,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which also sees the tagline “Better Bubbles Your Way” flashing across the screen.

In a recent commercial, featuring animals in their natural habitat as family members in the rooms of a house, the brand presents our planet as one home and encourages people to take better care of it. “We have to stay home to get through this. And once we do, let’s make sure we take better care of it” onscreen lines read throughout the ad,” which is scored by a cover of Louis Armstrong’s 1967 classic “What a Wonderful World”.

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