SimpliSafe Social Distancing Sweater Commercial

SimpliSafe urges you to protect your holidays this year with The Social Distancing Sweater, the only sweater that helps people come together while staying 6 ft apart.

“If SimpliSafe Home Security can protect your home, could SimpliSafe protect your holiday?” this is the idea behind the ad, which showcases the company’s new fashion item, equipped with an alarm system that generates noises when someone gets too closer to the wearer. “Remind your family that you’re happy to see them, but happier 6ft. apart,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, introducing the SimpliSafe Social Distancing Sweater and wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a SimpliSafe night.

This sweater with alarm technology is not for sale. Those who want one can find DYI instructions on the website

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