2020 Samsung QLED 8K TV Commercial Song

Samsung has released a new ad to showcase the 2020 Samsung QLED 8K, which – according to the brand – “changes everything”.

The spot introduces the QLED 8K as an unrivaled TV that can change picture to perfect 8K, that pushes your experience to infinity, and changes everything, while on the screen these ideas are brought to life through different scenarios, including a cat that gets scared by a lioness drinking water in the wilderness.

The soundtrack music is the 2019 single “Be Boss” by MGHTY, which was also featured in a new ad for the brand new electric car Taycan by Porsche.

Samsung has also recently unveiled its first outdoor screen, The Terrace. The QLED TV was introduced by Jong-Hee Han, the President of Visual Display Business, during a digital launch event that took place earlier this month.


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