Salesforce UCSF This Is A Mask Commercial

Salesforce has released a video to tell the story of how Salesforce and UCSF Medical Center started a movement to source PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for frontline workers, engaging its employees, partners, and communities to distribute 60M+ pieces of PPE around the world.

The voiceover explains that a mask is more than a mask, this is UCSF Medical Center asking Salesforce for help. When the UCSF called, a team was assembled over night and asked Alibaba for help. A woman able to speak Mandarin is shown ordering 500,000 surgical masks for delivery to UCSF and then the order is shown delivered and deposited in a warehouse. However, the next goal consists in providing 1,000,000,000 masks, which is described by the narrator as “a start,” “a momentum,” “daunting”.

“This is a logistical nightmare. This is not a normal time to be working. This is a moment of doubt. This is Salesforce getting others involved. This is a movement. This is working. This is 60 million pieces of PPE delivered to front line workers all over the world, in a matter of weeks, even the island of Hawaii. This is trailblazers stepping up. This is business as a platform for change, but this is also a mask. And you should wear one,” the voiceover also says.

Throughout the video Trailblazers involved in the initiative, including Convoy, Daily Mail, FedEx, Flexport, Uber Freight, State Farm, UPS, and Walmart are shown.

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