Ram Trucks Commercial - Work For Home

Ram Trucks celebrates all those who work in the midst of the coronavirus crisis and highlights that we all work for the same thing.

“Work from home. Work from the sky. Work for the good. Work for the future, for those in need. From living rooms and kitchen tables the country will rise. For those who must be out there, we see you. Called to do what must be done. We all work for each other now. We all work for the same thing,” the voiceover says throughout the 30-second spot, which features a diverse cast of Americans, some staying home, some at work, including medical staff, and and some using various Ram truck models for work.

“Work for Home” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

In the midst of the coronovirus crisis, automakers have released videos to deliver messages to their customers and potential new customers or just to people, urging them to stay home. Mazda Canada, for instance, in its latest ad, entitled “Sleeping Roads,” urges people to “Let the roads sleep because when they wake we’ll have a lot of catching up to do”. Another automotive company that encourages people to stay home is SEAT. The Spanish automaker has released a similar commercial, with footage from its 2019 holiday commercial, saying “Stay in touch, however you can. But stay safe.

And when the time comes, we’ll get you moving again.” In a recent ad, JEEP announced that they are offering payment assistance, 24/7 support, the option to shop at jeep dot com, as well as 0% financing for 84 months with no monthly payments for 90 days (for select 2020 models) “because better days are just down the road”.

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