Progressive Turkey Protection Plan Commercial Jamie

The latest Progressive commercial promotes the Turkey Protection Plan from Whole Foods Market and Progressive.

The spot urges people to get their turkey between November 11-22nd and feel confident knowing that their turkey is covered with a $35 Whole Foods Market gift card.

The one spreading the news is Progressive’s spokesman Jamie, who is in the kitchen, putting on a Progressive personalized apron and getting ready to deal with a turkey. He informs viewers that Progressive teamed up with Whole Foods Market to offer the Turkey Protection Plan. “Get your turkey early and we’ll help take care of any Thanksgiving slip-ups. So you can have the confidence to try some of my favorite techniques, like TurCactuNanaDucken, Turkey in a Haystack, Turkey Fog, Deboned & Reboned, and Birdazzled,” he says, urging viewers to get their turkey between November 11 and the 22nd and “enjoy the culinary confidence of knowing that your bird is covered” as this is just another way Progressive are trying to put you at ease this Thanksgiving season.

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