Progressive Mark & Marcus Rug Commercial

Progressive has released a new ad featuring Neil Barton and Mike Mitchell as Mark and Marcus.

The spot, created by agency Arnold and part of the “Sticking Together” video series, features the two line judges doing a little carpet cleaning and proving yard markers always beat vacuums. When a woman rhetorically asks them if they’re cleaning the rug, Mark explains that his fellow doesn’t like to use the vacuum. “Yeah, he and me both,” the woman answers before wishing them a good day and leaving.

“Progressive – protecting every single yard of your home,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

This is not the first spot featuring Mark and Marcus. The fellows co-star in several other spots. In one of them, Marcus descends into their creepy basement to grab their popcorn maker and, after the experience, agree it may be time to get a light in there before someone gets hurt. In another ad, they wait for each other at the bathroom’s door while they take a shower, and in another one they perform a parallel parking which is, for them, a game of yards.

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