Peloton Tread Advert / Commercial Girl

Peloton showcases the all-new Peloton Tread in a new commercial, highlighting that this device offers a full body workout – running, strength, yoga and more in live and on-demand classes – with expert Peloton instructors to keep you motivated.

The spot features a host of Peloton instructors, including Adrian Williams, Olivia Amato, Jess Sims, talking about the new Peloton Tread. Williams says this new tread is going to revolutionize fitness at home for everyone. Amato explains that “there’s something for everybody on call time and every instructor is different,” and Sims points out that using this tread provides “this sense of ‘you’re not alone,’ ‘I got this,’ ‘We got this'” and this is also due to the leaderboard, which allows the community to interact with each other and it also allows the instructors to see the class participants.

“We want you to crush your goals. You’re going to feel amazing after, both mentally and physically,” Jess Sims also says at the end of the video.

The soundtrack music is the 2018 single “Go Get It” by ZBRAS. It is available for purchase on Amazon for £0.99.

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