Ohio Lottery Weightlifting Commercial

Ohio Lottery has released a series of new commercial to highlight the importance of responsible gambling.

One of the spots features a guy who shows up at a gym and tries to lift some weights which turn out to be too heavy for him. He says, enthusiastic, that it has always been a dream to lift with friends and then proceeds with lifting that his “friends” had prepared, but he realizes it was not a good idea.

“It’s important to know your limits. In life and when you gamble,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial,
encouraging viewers to get more helpful tips like this at keepitfunohio.com.

The Ohio Lottery aims to help people to play responsibly and, for the purpose, provides them with a variety of resources including problem gambling facts, gambling warning signs, and more. There also are other helpful tips given through humorous ads. One of them advises people to keep their priorities straight and take care of the important stuff before they spend money on fun and gambling. Other tips for gambling fans are “Don’t take unnecessary risks” and “Keep it social” because “there are some things that are definitely more fun with others,” such as playing ping pong.

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