Next Insurance Built by Business Commercial

Next Insurance has released a new ad to highlight its commitment to support small businesses.

The spot opens with an onscreen line that says Next Insurance is 100% dedicated to small business and informs that, when small business owners were out of work, Next Insurance put them back to work to make this commercial. Footage of a diverse cast of people working to come up with the word “Next” based on their field of activity is then included.

Among the business owners starring in the campaign are Sarah Huddy from Kona, HI, Kelly & Ted Dramberger from Conroe, TX, owners of Sweet Tea Catering, Patrick Belton from Studio City, CA, owner of Events DJ & Lighting, Chris Burns, a Self-Employed Contractor from Levittown, PA, Gretchen Klein, a Piano Teacher from Corte Madera, CA, Tim Hardin, a Construction entrepreneur from Hutto, TX, Mark Linen, a baker from Houston, TX, Laura Chinni, a Personal Trainer from Cleveland, OH, David Pereira, from FENIX / Englewood, NJ, Ava Apple, owner of Symbolic Dance & Fitness from San Francisco, CA, Hyatt Stengle, a handywoman from Austin, TX, Christine Lee, a circus performer from San Francisco, CA, Brianne Solomon, a Tattoo Artist from Venice Beach, CA, Ruel Brown, a Mural Artist from Salt Lake City, UT, and more.

“We’re transforming insurance for the self-employed” another onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

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