MorningStar Farms Incogmeato Commercial

MorningStar Farms promotes its range of products, including the new Incogmeato burger patties, in a new commercial.

The spot features a young man approaching a MorningStar food truck where a girl asks him if he would like to try a burger made of plants. Surprised by her question, he doesn’t get to give an answer immediately and the kid takes the opportunity to add that it’s delicious and to point out that, if she – as a kid – likes it, then he would also like it.

The customer gets to convince himself, after tasting the burger, that it does taste really good.

At the end of the video, the Morning Star Farms range – including Original Sausage Patties, Spicy Black Bean, and Chik’n Nuggets – is showcased. The voiceover urges viewers to also try Incogmeato, 100% plant protein Burger Patties, featuring 32% less fat, 20g of complete protein and non-GMO soy, now in stores.

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