MandlyBands Rings Commercial - Alien Wedding

Online retailer ManlyBands, which sells wedding rings for men, promotes its website in a commercial that highlights some of the benefits customers have.

The spot features a young couple who have different approaches with regard to their wedding. While she has thought of every detail, he has not. And, even though he hasn’t thought about his wedding ring for the past 20 years, he still wants it to be special. So, when he discovered, an online store that knows the one thing that men want is to not go to the store. “We sell rings online, but if we had a store, we guaran-damn-tee it would look like this,” the voiceover says while onscreen we see the protagonist entering a store that has drinks on tables, a mini-casino, darts, nice lighting, music, and rings, obviously. The voiceover also says that Manly Bands makes it easy and affordable to get a band that will fit perfectly both literally and figuratively, because ManlyBands has wedding bands for every kind of man, while onscreen lines inform that metal bands start right around $200 and silicone bands are available for only $28.

According to the ad, the brand’s rings are made out of traditional materials like solid gold, titanium, tungsten, in addition to non-traditional materials like dinosaur bone, meteorite, antler, wood, camo, cerakote, and you can even add diamonds and gemstones. Moreover, ManlyBands also has matching sets for him & her or him & him, or even malien and femalien, and can even craft a custom ring to your exact specifications.

The brand informs that every Manly Band comes with a 60-Day No-Hassle Return Guarantee, painless & quick exchanges if necessary, and free warranty with every ring purchase.

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