Makespace Commercial - People Burning Their Stuff

Makespace invites you to say goodbye to self-storage and try MakeSpace, which offers you storage without the struggle.

The spot opens with several people in a neighborhood burning down some of their personal belongings due to the lack of storage space inside of their homes. One couple, who’s looking at them while drinking their cup of coffee, use MakeSpace. A truck arrives in front of their house and takes the things they no longer need in order to store them and bring them back when they need them.

Realizing there’s a better way to do storage, the people who were throwing their stuff in flames start running after the MakeSpace truck.

“MakeSpace is storage without the struggle,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, highlighting that the service provides customers with pickup and delivery on demand with a locked-in low price, forever.

The New York storage company offers five different plans – Hall Closet, Bedroom Closet, Walk-in Closet, Studio Apartmment and Small 1BR Apartment – that can be purchased for a 3-month minimum.

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