Little Caesars Cheeser! Commercial Actress

Little Caesars aims to highlights, in its latest ad, that the new Pepperoni Cheeser! Cheeser! pizza tastes like a million bucks.

The 15-second spot features a wealthy couple at a long table trying out the chain’s new pizza and praising the crunchy asiago-parm crust, and the melty, fresh mozzarella. “This cheesing is rather pleasing,” the husband says, bursting into laughter.

At the end of the commercial, when it turns out the couple are in a room surveilled by chefs willing to find out their feedback, those watching them conclude the new pizza tastes like a million bucks.

The chain’s new Pepperoni Cheeser! Cheeser!, made with classic pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, toasted parmesan and Asiago cheese crust, and fresh basil, is available at participating locations for $7 plus tax.

The Cheeser’s “relatives” – the classic pepperoni pizza and the ExtraMostBestest pepperoni pizza – are priced at $5 and $6 respectively.

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