Lincoln Pickup & Delivery Service Commercial Girl

Lincoln promotes its Pickup & Delivery service, which allows Lincoln owner to service their Lincoln from home, in a new commercial.

“More than ever, your home is your sanctuary. That’s why Lincoln offers complimentary pickup and delivery servicing. Will pick up your vehicle and leave you with a Lincoln loaner and the peace of mind that helps you focus on what matters most,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, which features a mother staying at home and having a Lincoln valet taking her Lincoln vehicle to the service, so that she could remain near her child, who’s sleeping.

“That’s the power of sanctuary,” adds the voiceover at the end of the commercial, mentioning that, for extra help, in these challenging times, you can now purchase a new Lincoln from your dealer remotely and defer payment up to 120 days.

Lincoln Pickup & Delivery is available for owners of 2017 and all newer model year vehicles. Mileage limitations may vary. Lincoln also specifies that they are taking extra measures to ensure all vehicles are thoroughly disinfected before reaching you and your family.

Lincoln is not the only automaker that gives customers the chance to buy a new vehicle and defer payment. Jeep has also announced that they are offering 0% financing for 84 months with no monthly payments for 90 days.

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