Lidl TV Advert: Big On The Big Shop

Lidl strengthens its commitment to being big on quality and Lidl on price in a new advert.

“Being Lidl on price matters now more than ever. But we’re still big on quality. Big on the big shop. Working hard to get you everything you need, from family favourites to everyday essentials. Big on feeding hungry minds and making time at home special. We’ll always be big on keeping your family going. And that’s big on quality and always Lidl on price,” the voiceover says on the 20-second spot, which features a variety of products available for purchase at Lidl, as well as Lidl employees at work, and a family enjoying some of those products, from diapers to fruit and more.

The retailer says thanks, at the end of the advert, to all of its customers and its hard working colleagues.

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