Lamborghini Commercial Actor

Lamborghini has released its Christmas commercial, reminding us that “Nothing can stop real love”.

The spot, titled “The Christmas Gift,” features an old man who receives an unexpected Christmas gift: a VR headset which he puts on slowly, not knowing what to expect. He is then transported into a Lamborghini and enjoys a ride in the company of his son, Matt, who – it turns out – had also sent a Christmas card, along with the headset, saying “Hey Dad. Our passion is stronger than distance. I love you”.

Last year, the Italian supercar manufacturer, who searches, every year, real Lamborghini lovers, gave a black Aventador to Sterling Backus and his 12-year-old son Xander for two weeks to drive during the holiday season.

Backus’ efforts of making a 3D replica of a Lamborghini in his garage, in order to fulfil his son’s wish, got the attention of the automotive company, which decided to lend the car to them.

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