KFC Colonel Snowman Free Postmates Delivery Commercial

Colonel Sanders becomes Colonel Snowman and melts while delivering a “piping hot” meal to a family on Christmas Eve in the latest KFC ad, which also promotes the free Postmates Delivery with code KFC on orders $10 or more.

The spot features the Colonel Snowman giving a tray filled with KFC menu items, including a $20 Kentucky Fried Chicken, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes, to a young girl and melting before the girl’s mother arrives. The latter, who can’t help notice that the delicious meal delivered by the Colonel is “piping hot,” tells her guests, while they are all around the table, enjoying the meal, that he must have known they were too busy to cook.

Through the window, Colonel Snowman is seen one more time melted down, asking himself why it had to be so piping hot. He eventually realizes there’s nothing to be done and adds “Well, see ya!” while the girl is looking at him.
At the end of the advert, an onscreen line informs viewers that they can get free Postmates delivery on orders of $10 or more if they use the code KFC. The offer is valid at participating KFC locations through January 3, 2021.

The free delivery promo code applies on $10+ orders before tax, tips and fees. Service and small cart fees, gratuity and taxes will apply.

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