Kenco Duo TV Advert Actress

Mondelēz International-owned coffee brand Kenco advertises its new Kenco Duo in a new advert.

The spot features a woman at the salon who shows those inside how to prepare the coffee-shop inspired drink. It turns out the two quality ingredients are already measured and layered, so consumers simply need to bring them together by pouring the rich espresso into the milky froth and see it swirl into a deliciously creamy and frothy coffee.

Kenco is known for its innovative campaign Coffee vs Gangs, launched in 2015, which aimed to support 20 young people living in Honduras, who were at risk of entering a gang, to become successful entrepreneurs, and contributing thus to develop the next generation of coffee growers. A TV spot created by JWT London and directed by Johnny Hardstaf, told the story of life in Honduras through a mix of live-action and animation via the medium of tattoos, the central representation of gang culture in Central America.

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