Just Eat Doggy Dog Christmas by Snoop Dogg Advert / Commercial

Just Eat has dropped its holiday ad, releasing the Christmas song you didn’t know you needed.

The spot introduces the Doggy Dog Christmas, a dog voiced by Snoop Dogg, who performs the following song:

“Ain’t nothing changed here
Getting sushi delivered by a reindeer
Most wonderful time of the year
It’s the Just Eat anything vibe over here
Warming up with a Miso soup
Me so bossy and me so Snoop
Got my man, Mr. Claus, on the line
Let him know that it’s Just Eat time
Happy holidays
It’s a Doggy Dogg Christmas
Lotta treats to complete on the Wishlist
Whatever the venue
Hit up the menu
Did somebody say Just Eat”.

Just Eat is helping to feed people in need this Christmas with Food Cycle and Social Bite.

Snoop Dogg, who teamed up with the British online food order and delivery service earlier this year, in spring, to turn brand’s its famous “Did Somebody Say Just Eat” mnemonic into a song, has recently partnered with SodaStream, for its holiday campaign, to encourage consumers to reduce single-use plastic waste. The rapper declared, in a statement, that he loves his SodaStream so it was natural for him to partner with the brand for this campaign.

“They make a great product and a big difference in the word. I am happy to help spread the love,” he added.

Karin Schifter Maor, global chief marketing officer of SodaStream, said that “SodaStream is the ultimate small change to reduce single-use plastic waste, and Snoop Dogg is a great partner to help widely spread this message in a fun way”.

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