Hyundai This Is Us Commercial - Dinosaur

Hyundai announces, in its latest ad, that it’s expediting one billion dollars of payments to support partner companies, that it is re-launching Hyundai Assurance Job Loss Protection program in the U.S., extending warranty worldwide with Hyundai CARE, offering employee training centers as treatment facilities in South Korea.

The automaker has released a commercial that highlights how humanity prevails.

“Times like this show us who we are. So, this is us. This is us being vulnerable. Fragile. This is us being scared.

This is us. Weak. Helpless,” the voiceover says while on screen footage of desert cities, people wearing masks, crying or trying to shop but not finding anything on the shelves or fighting over products, is shown. “But this is us too in our darkest hours,” the voiceover adds, asking if this is us vulnerable, fragile, scared, weak, and helpless while on screen footage that aims to illustrate the opposite is shown. “We stand together. Because we’re in this together. We believe times like these make us grow, they make us progress for humanity.

“We will not stop until this is over” an onscreen line reads at the end of the 90-second film.

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