H&M Rapper Koffee Reciting Poem Commercial

H&M has launched its holiday campaign and wishes that 2021 will be so much better than 2020.

Titled “Bring On The Future,” the campaign film features Grammy award-winning Jamaican rap artist Koffee reciting a humble, hopeful and heartwarming New Year’s poem that has the following lyrics:

“Farewell to endless days in sweats,
the unmade bed, the unwashed hair,
Hello encounters anywhere
Hello approaching strangers’ pets
Release a flood of invitations,
More guts and wider comfort zone.
Life amplified through megaphone,
Invite all new temptations,
Instill the urgency to mend the planet
and what else is wrecked.
Let things we wasted resurrect.
Here’s to forever, not the end.
Come out, let out the love within.
Calling equality for all,
Let the voice of justice come.
Let’s love, let loose, let it begin,
Explore galore, ignore, have fun.
Let all the free expression,
self love in repossession.
Pick up your heart,
let go and run.
Bring on the night,
bring everyone.
Come, rays of light across the sky
the year is fading, say goodbye.
The future world has just begun.”

The commercial ends with the tagline “Bring on the future” flashing across the screen, while two friends hug each other under a sky lit up by fireworks.

Born and raised just outside Kingston in Jamaica, the 20-year-old musician, Mikayla Simpson by her real name, launched her debut album in 2019 and has been described as “one of the most exciting, forward-thinking, globally focused young talents out there.” She has also given an interview for the fashion brand, in which she has talked about who inspires her, her favorite part of the collaboration with H&M, and her hopes for the future.