hipages Mitch & Mark Commercial - No Drama

Former Blockheads Mitch & Mark have teamed up with hipages to help take the drama out of home improvement. The two former Blockheads co-star in a new ad, giving viewers a glimpse into what The Block 2020 will offer this year.

“Home improvement doesn’t have to be a drama. We’ve partnered with hipages to take the drama out of home renovation. And during this season of The Block, we’ll be sharing exclusive rental tips, weekly recaps, and taking Q&A,” Mitch & Mark say, urging viewers to visit hipages website and the “The Block’ section for exclusive content.

This is not the first commercial starring Mitch & Mark. They also feature in several ads for the website, which connects people with trusted tradies to get a job done well, highlighting that, on hipages, they find the professionals to help them with repairs around the house, including with a broken doorbell, a broken doorknob, and a leaky tap.


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