Gucci Gift Christmas Party Commercial

Gucci has launched its Christmas commercial, showcasing some of the pieces included in its Gucci Gift 2020 collection.

The retro-themed ad, by Akinola Davies Jr., is set in an office from the ’90s and imagines a Christmas party, where Gucci-clad colleagues relax, enjoy a glass of wine, listen to music, sing and dance. The co-workers also unwrap gifts from the line-up, including wooly GG jacquard scarves and hats, and GG Marmont bags and the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker in multi-color metallic sequins.

The song used in the commercial is the iconic 1982 single Only You by English synth-pop duo Yazoo, from their debut album, “Upstairs at Eric’s”.

Gucci offers free shipping and returns, complimentary gift wrapping, as well as a range of other services, including digital showroom experience, the chance to talk to a gift expert, to set a private appointment, and after sale support.

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